Fishing Opportunities at Frisco North Carolina

Surf Fishing the Frisco Beaches

The Frisco beaches offer amazing surf fishing during the entire year. However access is a big concern for visitors since Frisco has limited oceanfront rental homes. It is possible to drive unto the Frisco's beach with a licensed 4x4 vehicle at one of two beach access drive-over ramps but you will also need a NPS beach access permit.

The winter months often can be too cold or windy for surf fishing but there are also many spells of weather with warm southerly winds that send the fish right put to the beaches and make fishing possible. Most anglers will bundle up and wear chest waders in the winter. Sought after species like speckled trout and red drum will cruise in with the rising tide and fall victim to anglers using light spinning tackle with grub tails, twister tails and MirroLures. Some Frisco anglers also use stout tackle set in sand spikes and cast out with chunk baits targeting big red drum, bluefish and striped bass.

As the spring arrives in April one of the earliest fish to show up in numbers are the blow toads (pufferfish). They are followed soon after by great catches of whiting (sea mullet) in May. Summer starts in June when surf anglers catch lots of croaker, spots, bluefish and flounder. As the summer water temps heat up surf anglers begin catching pompano, flounder and sometimes even spanish mackerel come withing casting range.

Ladies fishing at the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Surf Fishing Tournament

After arriving at our beaches all of the previously mentioned species seem to remain until fall water temperatures begin to decrease. Species by species the summer arrivals seem to slowly dissipate as the larger species that spent their summers inside the inlet and in the sound begin exiting through the inlet preparing to winter in the ocean and the cycle begins again.

Offshore Deep Sea Fishing

Hatteras Island is famous for its offshore sport fishing. A large fleet of commercial and sport fishing boats call Hatteras home. One of the main fishing draws for the island is the close approximation to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream which holds many species of pelagic sport fish. Our Hatteras area shorter boat rides means more fishing time and also less fuel usage which also equates to less expensive charter fishing trips.

Exotic species like mahi, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and white marlin are standard catches with incredible giants like blue marlin and bluefin tuna always a possibility. As with any fishing endeavor there's never a guarantee but the odds are heavily in your favor when you charter one of the many professional charter boats at Cape Hatteras.

Need a group?

Most offshore deep sea charters are licensed by the USCG to take six anglers. Unfortunately many times visitors just can't come up with the additional anglers necessary to fill a full charter. We don't want you to miss out on this fantastic experience. Walk-On Sportfishing is designed to help visitors to find additional anglers willing to share expenses on a deep sea charter. Here is an interesting article on combining lodging and fishing into one package.